• Identify sources for the procurement of medical supplies and commodities
  • Manage inventory for all medical supplies and commodities
  • Locate facility and estimate capacity for stockpiling centers
  • Network design; distribution centers (DCs), transportation modes and activities

Outbreak Investigation

  • Provide necessary commodities and resources to the outbreak response teams for effective operational deployment


  • Select facilities to serve as points of dispensing sites (PODs)
  • Transport / distribute supplies and commodities from central DCs to local PODs
  • Design cold supply chain for delivery of essential medical supplies, clinical flow logistics (for managing patients in triage centers)
  • Provide decision-makers with graphical dynamic displays IT dashboards
  • Construct dynamic health policies for controlling the spread of the outbreak
  • Design interventions to minimize spread of the outbreak in the network


  • KPIs for the performance of the logistics control operations;
  • Assessment of coordination issues among the stakeholders;
  • Capture the organizational memory of the entire effort