Regent’s Professor
Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Center for Microencapsulation and Drug Delivery
College of Medicine
Texas A&M University

Expertise: Funding and networking opportunities; vaccine delivery formulation

Program Director
Center for Global Health and Innovation
Texas A&M University

Expertise: Supply chain

Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives
The Texas A&M University System

Interim Senior Vice President
Texas A&M University Health Science Center

Expertise: Medical Risk Assessment

Vice Dean of Pharmacy

Former FDA Director of Product Quality Research

Expertise: Shortage of pharmaceuticals produced in China; HSC Therapeutics and continuous manufacturing; Pharmaceutical supply chain; Novel Manufacturing.

Interim Division Director
Business and Cyber Solutions
Testing and Innovation Center
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
The Texas A&M University System

Expertise: Training for multiple types of disasters; remote, mobile training programs

Regents and Distinguished Professor
Environmental and Occupational Health
School of Public Health

Founding Director
Center on Population Health & Aging
Texas A&M University

Expertise: Public health and aging; community engagement; translational research; epidemiological and psychosocial aspects of COVID-19 epidemic

Associate Dean for Global One Health
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Pandemic and Biosecurity Policy Program
Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs
Bush School of Government & Public Service
Texas A&M University

Expertise: Risk assessment, pre-emptive planning; assessing current international situation

Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Department of Health Policy and Management
School of Public Health
Texas A&M University

Expertise: Health Services Emergency Management Evaluation