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Walter T. Casey

Walter T. Casey

Associate Professor
Political Science and Honors
College of Arts and Science
Texas A&M University – Texarkana


Time-Series and Trend Forecasting Statistical Modelling

An Associate Professor of Political Science and Honors, Casey conducts research on multiple public policy and political behavior  problems, resulting in over 70 conference papers and publications.

His research program is designed for furthering our understanding of group dynamics, from the small group to the nation-state level. For that purpose, his primary methodological approaches marry contagion and infection models from the Public Health arena with time series, Q/Fuzzy-sets, and non-normal and nonparametric methodologies. Primarily focused on how the ideas of revolution, terrorism, and civil violence spread and are accepted or rejected, his expertise in modeling the spread of ideas is noted internationally.

Casey has also been active in ongoing research critiquing for improvement and advancements in large-n time series and trend analyses. His contributions are evident in his participation in the Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP), the British Election Study (BES) and associated YouGov data, the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES), EuroBarometer, and European Social Survey (ESS) data, and recently the American National Election Study (ANES) and the Internet Rolling Campaign Panel (IRCP) data sets.

Casey is the recipient of the Sokrates Prize in Pedagogy from the Education for the Third Millenium Foundation, and has been nominated for the Robert Durr Award in Quantatative Methods, the Ida and Cecil Green Award for Contributions to Science, and the Carrie Chapman Catt award.

He has been a reviewer since 1997 for 13 national and international research journals, and assistant editor for another three.

Casey holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, and served with distinction in the U.S. Navy from 1982-1991.