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Benjamin Neuman

Benjamin Neuman

Department of Biology
College of Science
Texas A&M University


Corona Virologist

Dr. Benjamin Neuman has been involved in coronavirus research since 1996, and published over 50 peer-reviewed papers on coronavirus molecular biology.  He has studied the SARS coronavirus, other human coronaviruses, and several kinds of animal coronaviruses.  Dr. Neuman worked with a structural proteomics team at the Scripps Research institute that solved the structures of several important virus proteins including the SARS coronavirus nsp1, nsp3, nsp10 and nsp15.  Dr. Neuman’s areas of interest include cryo-electron microscopy, as a tool to understand how new virus particles are assembled, and TEM as a way to understand the role of intracellular membranes in formation of the double-membrane replicative organelle that functions as a factory producing new viral components.  Dr. Neuman has also been involved in designing and testing several coronavirus treatments, including antisense, protein and small molecule inhibitors for antiviral therapy.